Antisocial behaviour and ASBOs

The council or police can help if you're being affected by antisocial behaviour. There are things you can do if you're accused of behaving antisocially.

How to deal with antisocial behaviour

Keeping a record of antisocial behaviour and reporting it to the council or the police.

Antisocial behaviour orders (ASBOs)

What ASBOs are and who deals with them.

Getting an antisocial behaviour order (ASBO)

What happens when you're given an ASBO and appealing against it.

Eviction from your home because of antisocial behaviour

Your rights when you rent your home and are accused of antisocial behaviour.

Alternatives to antisocial behaviour orders (ASBOs)

Dealing with someone else's antisocial behaviour without an ASBO.

Antisocial behaviour and children

When a child can be given an ASBO.

What antisocial behaviour is

What the law says about antisocial behaviour.

Private landlords and antisocial behaviour

How a private landlord should deal with antisocial behaviour and what you can do when the council takes action against your landlord.

Avoiding complaints from your neighbours

Resolving neighbour disputes and reducing antisocial behaviour.

Last updated: 8 February 2022

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