Private landlords and antisocial behaviour

Most owners and landlords of privately rented properties must register with the council and take responsibility for antisocial behaviour that occurs in properties that they rent out. Councils can make private landlords take reasonable action to deal with antisocial behaviour caused by their tenants or by people visiting properties that they rent out.

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How private landlords should deal with antisocial behaviour

Private landlords are responsible for antisocial behaviour in or around their properties. If tenants cause trouble, landlords should try to stop it. The council can try to sort the situation out as well.

What are rent payable orders and rent penalty notices

If your landlord has been issued a rent penalty notice or rent payable order, they can't collect any rent, or any other money, from the tenant. Check what this means for your tenancy.

Antisocial behaviour notices (ASBNs)

If a private tenant or a visitor behaves in an antisocial way, and the landlord doesn't do anything, the council can send the landlord an antisocial behaviour notice to deal with the problem. If they believe they have been falsely accused of antisocial behaviour they can also appeal

Management control orders

If a private landlord does not try to prevent antisocial behaviour in their properties, the council can get a management control order. This means they will collect rent and do repairs.

Last updated: 29 December 2014

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