Pension credit

Pension credit is a tax free income-related benefit. Changes in the law mean the age you can receive any pension credit is gradually changing in line with the increase in women's State Pension Age. If you were born between 6 May 1952 and 5 March 1953 you may be part of the transition age group who will be paid pension credit before they become 65.

Who can apply for pension credit?

If you or your partner are aged over 60, you may be entitled to claim pension credit. If you are part of a couple and only one of you is over 60, then the person who is over 60 has to make the claim. You will need to check your State Pension Age to be able to calculate your pension credit entitlement.

Pension credit can be paid for two reasons. You can get:

  • guarantee credit because you have a low income and/or

  • savings credit is intended to provide extra money for people who have made modest provision for their retirement. This can be paid if you or your partner are 65 years or older.

Saving credit will no longer be paid to people reaching pension age on or after 6 April 2016. This will include people whose partners reached State Pension Age before this date.

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Cold weather, heating discount and fuel payments

In addition to pension credit, you or your partner may be entitled to help paying for your heating and fuel - see the section on Cold weather, heating discount and fuel payments.

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