Paying for housing support services

If you are receiving housing support services, you will either have to pay for them yourself, or if you have a low income you may be able to get help from your local council in the form of housing support.

What are housing support services?

Housing support services are any form of help that enables you to carry on living independently in your home. These services may be provided by the council, voluntary agencies or private companies or individuals. Examples of housing support could include having a support worker or a warden in a sheltered housing complex. See the page on housing support for more information. Housing support services don't include personal or nursing care services, such as help with getting dressed and bathed.

If you have any queries about housing support contact your local council.

Do I have to pay for housing support services?

If following a social work assessment of your needs, the council decides that you would benefit from housing support services, the social work department should also carry out an assessment of your financial situation, to see if you can afford to pay for all or some of your housing support services.

If you cannot afford to contribute towards your housing support services or can only pay towards some of the cost, the rest of the cost should be met by housing support.

If you currently receive housing benefit, you will not have to pay towards your housing support costs.

Once your housing support services have been arranged, the council will have a contract with your housing support provider and will be responsible for paying them. If you have to pay anything, you will make payments to the council.

Can I get self-directed support to pay for housing support services?

Yes. If you are entitled to funding from housing support, you can ask to receive the money in the form of self-directed support (direct payments) so that you can make your own support arrangements.

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Last updated: 29 December 2014

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

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