Adaptations if you own your home

If you own your home, you may still need to get consent to carry out adaptations. This page looks at what you need to do.

What adaptations should I get?

If you own your home, you can ask social work to carry out a care assessment and recommend any changes that could be made to help you live independently more easily. However, it may take time to get an appointment. You can also get advice from an occupational therapist or an adviser from a disability advice or information centre. The page on how to go about getting adaptations done has more information on help and advice available.

How do I arrange for the work to be done?

If you are arranging for the adaptations to be carried out yourself, the page on keeping your home in good repair has advice on finding a contractor. If the adaptations are extensive (for example, if you're putting in a new bathroom or wet room) it's a good idea to get advice from an architect first. Larger problems may involve several different contractors (for example, you may need a plumber, a builder and a joiner to put in a new bathroom), and an

Will I need permission?

If the adaptations are substantial, you may need to get planning permission and/or a building warrant from the council. You can find out more in the section on building work.

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Last updated: 29 December 2014

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