Repair grants if you own a listed building

You could get a Historic Environment Repair Grant if your home is of special architectural, historic or archaeological significance. This can help pay for conservation-standard repairs.

Who is eligible for a Historic Environment Repair Grant

You could get the grant if:

  • you own your home

  • your home is at serious risk from neglect or disrepair

  • you cannot afford to pay for the repairs yourself

  • your home is of outstanding historic or architectural interest, or you live in an outstanding conservation area

  • you can show that repairs would significantly benefit the public and outweigh any private gain

Find out if your home is a listed building

The Historic Environment Scotland website has more information on the repair grant.

What the grant covers

You can use the grant for:

  • historic fabric repair costs

  • traditional skills training for professional craftspeople and construction workers

  • fees for conservation accredited professional advisors

  • evaluation and maintenance planning costs

  • contingency

  • inflation allowance

  • non-recoverable VAT

You cannot use the grant for:

  • demolition or extensions

  • alterations or internal works

  • routine maintenance or minor repairs

  • repair or installation of services

Applying for a Historic Environment Repair Grant

Historic Environment Scotland recommends you submit an expression of interest and wait for a response before beginning your application.

Applications are considered in three batches with closing dates at the end of January, May and September. You can apply for the grant at any time throughout the year.

How to apply for a Historic Environment Repair Grant

Your responsibilities if your application is successful

If you get the grant, you'll need to:

  • insure your home

  • allow some access for visitors

  • keep your home in good condition

Other ways to fund repairs

Visit the Heritage Funding Directory website for alternative ways to fund repairs to historic buildings.

Last updated: 29 June 2022

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