Scottish Building Regulations and Planning Permission

If you are carrying out repairs or improvements to your home, you may need to get a building warrant and/or planning permission before you can start work. Even if you believe that the kind of work you are doing does not require permission, it's best to check with the council's building standards department and planning authority. Carrying out work without the relevant permits is an offence and you may be fined.

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Planning building work

Check what you should do before carrying out repairs, alterations or improvements to your home. You need have all the relevant permissions and make sure that there are no other restrictions in place.

Finding a builder

Here are some tips to make the process of employing a builder easier. If you hire an architect or surveyor, they can help you find a builder, and can supervise the ongoing work.

Scottish building standards and regulations

If you want to make repairs or improvements, you may need to get a building warrant and or planning permission from the council. Find out the kind of work that requires a warrant and how you can go about getting one.

Planning permission

If you want to extend or alter your home, you may need to get planning permission. See what kinds of work require planning permission, how to apply and what to do if permission is refused.

Other restrictions

You may need additional consent for building work if you live in a listed building or conservation area, or if you want to do work to trees on your land or have bats roosting in your home.

Last updated: 5 April 2017

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

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