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Letter template: Homeless application not taken – client living in unreasonable to occupy accommodation

Copy and paste this sample text and personalise it with your client’s details.

Subject: URGENT: <client’s name> <client’s DOB> homeless application and temporary accommodation

To <name of homeless caseworker at council>

<client’s first and last name> has contacted our organisation for assistance with their current homeless situation.

<client’s first and last name> presented to your homeless service on <the date> however a homeless application was not taken because

<Explain the person’s circumstances. These three examples should be adapted according to the individual circumstances to show the argument why the person’s accommodation is no longer reasonable to occupy and why a homeless application should be taken.

  • Person X has a tenancy, however they are being threatened with violence in the area. X has contacted the police who have advised them that it is not safe to stay in the area. The police station involved is [provide any details] ...

  • X has been subjected to abuse and harassment from their former partner [detail circumstances] ...

  • X has endured repeated and ongoing antisocial behaviour which is having a detrimental impact to their mental health>

In the circumstances it is not reasonable for <client’s first and last name> to continue to live in their home.

<client’s first and last name>is homeless. As a matter of urgency, please can you confirm by close of business today that a homeless application will now be taken and temporary accommodation provided from tonight onwards.

If you are not taking a homeless application or providing accommodation, please confirm this in writing and the reasons for this.

Please get back to either myself or <client’s first and last name>. If we do not hear from you, I will advise <client’s first name and last name> to seek further advice on their rights.

Thank you.

<your first and last name>
<your contact number>

<client’s name>
<client’s contact number>

You can also send the letter as an email attachment:

Where to send your letter or email

Send your letter or email to your client's homeless caseworker at a council in Scotland.

Find contact information for any council’s homeless department