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Letter template: Accommodation unsuitable for visitation by non-resident children

Copy and paste this sample text and personalise it with your client’s details.


  • text in chevrons < > is for you to edit as appropriate

  • text in square brackets [ ] is informational and can be deleted as you edit the letter

Subject: URGENT: <client’s first and last name> <client’s DOB> homeless application and temporary accommodation

To <name of homeless caseworker at the council>

<client’s first and last name> has contacted our organisation for assistance with their current homeless situation.

They are currently in temporary accommodation at <address of accommodation>.

The homeless household comprises: <say how many people are in the household and their relationship to your client>

<client’s first and last name> has parental rights and responsibilities of their <child/children>: <add their names and ages>

<client’s first and last name> has <select which applies: shared care/an access arrangement/an agreement for access and visitation>.

[provide as much detail as possible as to the nature of the agreement including frequency and whether this includes the children staying overnight. There does not need to be a court order formalising any access/residence]

[enclose any evidence of the arrangement if available, e.g. if there is a court order (although this is not necessary to request suitable accommodation) or a letter confirming the agreement]

The accommodation at <address> is not suitable for visitation by a child because <provide reasons, e.g. the nature of the accommodation>.

Please can you confirm that suitable temporary accommodation will now be provided from tonight onwards. If suitable accommodation is not available from tonight, please provide:

- the reasons why suitable accommodation is not available tonight
- information on what steps the local authority is taking to secure suitable accommodation
- an indication of the timescale for providing suitable accommodation

Please get back to either myself or <client’s first and last name>. If we do not hear from you, or there is no satisfactory information regarding what steps the local authority is taking and the timescales for suitable accommodation being provided, I will advise <client’s first and last name> to seek further advice on their rights which might include legal advice from a solicitor.

Thank you.

<your first and last name>
<your contact number>

<client’s first and last name>
<client’s contact number>

You can also send the letter as an email attachment:

Where to send your letter or email

Send your letter or email to your client's homeless caseworker at a council in Scotland.

Find contact information for any council’s homeless department