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Letter template: Unsuitable temporary accommodation – B&B, hostel and hotel accommodation

Copy and paste this sample text and personalise it with your client’s details.


  • text in chevrons < > is for you to edit as appropriate

  • text in square brackets [ ] is informational and can be deleted as you edit the letter

Subject: URGENT: <client’s first and last name> <client’s DOB> homeless application and temporary accommodation

To <name of homeless caseworker at the council>

<client’s first and last name> has contacted our organisation for assistance with their current homeless situation.

They are currently in temporary accommodation at <address of accommodation>.

The homeless household comprises: <say how many people are in the household and their relationship to your client>

This accommodation is unsuitable accommodation because it:

[delete those which do not apply]

- does not have adequate toilet and personal washing facilities for the exclusive use of the household
- does not have the use of a living room
- does not have the use of adequate cooking facilities
- is not useable 24 hours a day [i.e. there is a curfew, or the applicant has to be out of their room for part of the day]

<client’s first and last name> has been accommodated in unsuitable accommodation for more than 7 days. They have been in their current accommodation since <date>.

Please can you urgently confirm by close of business today that suitable temporary accommodation will now be provided from tonight onwards. If suitable accommodation is not available from tonight, please provide:

- the reasons why suitable accommodation is not available tonight
- information on what steps the local authority is taking to secure suitable accommodation
- an indication of the timescale for providing suitable accommodation

Please get back to either myself or <client’s first and last name>. If we do not hear from you, or there is no satisfactory information regarding what steps the local authority is taking and the timescales for suitable accommodation being provided, I will advise <client’s first and last name> to seek further advice on their rights which might include legal advice from a solicitor.

Thank you.

<your first and last name>
<your contact number>

<client’s first and last name>
<client’s contact number>

You can also send the letter as an email attachment:

Where to send your letter or email

Send your letter or email to your client's homeless caseworker at a council in Scotland.

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