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  • Unprotected deposits

    Not all deposits need to be registered. This page explains which deposits don't need to be registered, what a deposit covers and how to get your deposit back.

  • Getting a mortgage if you're disabled and on benefits

    Find out what to consider when applying for a mortgage if you have a disability and how you can get help to pay your mortgage interest and service charges.

  • Judicial review

    Judicial review is a complicated process that is only used in certain circumstances. If your case gets to this, you'll need legal advice from a solicitor. Check the what you need to know.

  • Court decisions

    If your case is in the sheriff court, it may go through several stages before a decision. At the end of a detailed hearing, the sheriff has several options. Find out what might happen.

  • Problems with housemates

    You might have problems with the people you live with for a variety of reasons. This page explains what you can do. Your landlord, the council or the police may be able to help.

  • Taking a summary cause action to court

    If you take someone to court using summary cause procedure, you need to filli in specific forms and follow certain rules. In housing law, summary cause procedure is used in eviction cases.

  • Complaining about an estate agent

    Get tips if you want to complain about an estate agent. You should complain to the agency first, but if you're not happy with the response, you may be able to take the matter further.

  • Using the courts to force your landlord to carry out repairs or claiming compensation for housing disrepair

    If your landlord won't do repairs or has started but not finished, you may be able to raise a claim in court. There is a kind of claim for when you want them to do something they are obliged to do.

  • Solicitors' fees and charges

    Solicitors can charge fees for their advice and representation. Depending on what your case is about, there may also be other costs. This page explains more.

  • Your rights if your partner moves out

    This page explains your rights if you rent your family home and your partner moves out. This may cause problems if your partner is the tenant and your name is not on the tenancy agreement.

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