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  • Simple procedure actions

    Small claims is the simplest type of civil law case that sheriff courts can deal with.Check the process of raising and defending an action in a small claims court in Scotland.

  • Get advice

    Free housing and homelessness advice and information, including housing benefits, council housing, tenants' rights, mortgage arrears, repossession, eviction and neighbour problems.

  • Checklists

    Loads to think about? Don't forget the essentials.

  • Court action and repossession

    If your home is being repossessed then your lender will have to take you to court. This section tells you all you need to know about the repossession process.

  • Raising and defending actions in court

    If you are taking a case to court or defending a case, you need to know what to do, and what some technical legal terms mean, and this section can help.

  • Ordinary cause actions

    If your case involves a claim for more than £5,000 or is about an issue that involves complicated law (like divorce) it'll be dealt with under ordinary cause procedure. This page explains more.

  • The sheriff court

    The sheriff court hears cases about repossessions, debts and small claims. Find out what powers the sheriff court has and what it's like in court.

  • Courts in Scotland

    There are several different courts in Scotland. All of them deal with different kinds of cases and have different powers. This page should explain which court is dealing with your case.

  • Summary cause actions

    Summary cause procedure deals with claims £3,000 to £5,000. If your landlord is taking you to court to try and evict you, they must use the summary cause procedure.

  • In-court advice services

    Some larger sheriff courts provide in-court advice services. This page explains what they are, how they can help and where to find them.

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