Equality and diversity

Shelter Scotland is committed to being a diverse organisation that provides responsive and inclusive services to everyone who needs them.

We recognise that disadvantage and discrimination are common and experienced by many communities. At Shelter Scotland, in all our work, we aim to treat everyone equally and to eliminate unfair and unlawful discrimination. We're always looking for new ways to challenge discriminatory practices.

How our policy works in practice

Here are some examples of how our equality and diversity policy translates into good practice:

  • Established trusting relationships with the Gypsy Traveller community in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian. We provide relevant community services such as housing needs advice and referrals to education services, to Gypsy Travellers whether they are on an official site, a roadside encampment or in a house. We worked with East and Midlothian Council’s in consulting with residents over amendments to Occupancy Agreements to help ensure they are suitable to the cultural needs of the community

  • Established links with new community agency, the Scottish Asian Pakistani Foundation (SAPF), whose community well-being work covers Edinburgh and the Lothians.

  • Advisors from the Edinburgh and Glasgow Advice Services have recently completed training on a range of BME and immigration issues provided by the Ethnic Minorities Law Centre. We have also established referral agreements with EMLC.

  • We run weekly advice surgeries at the Multicultural Community Centre, Woodlands, in Glasgow, reaching out to the Scottish Asian and Scottish Chinese community .

  • We have partnered with Stonewall to produce an advisers guide on Housing for LGBT people

  • Encourage user-led involvement activities, such as the parents-led one at the Glasgow Families Project and promotes community inclusion