Working for Shelter Scotland

At Shelter Scotland, we value each other, we listen and respond to people’s concerns, and we work together to achieve our vision.

Our vision

Shelter Scotland believes that everybody needs a home in a place they can thrive. Our work won’t stop until there’s a home for everyone.

Our values

Shelter Scotland has three core values that drive all our work:

We’re approachable

Shelter Scotland is a lifeline for anyone who is homeless or suffering in bad housing. If you’re faced with losing your home, we’ll do everything we can to help you keep a secure roof over your head.

Face-to-face, on the phone and by email, we’re committed to giving expert, confidential advice and support, tailored to the individual.

We challenge

Home is a basic human need. In our affluent nation, everyone should have a home, and Shelter Scotland is challenging the people in power to make that vision a reality, through tenacious lobbying, persuasive research and policy reports, and high-profile public campaigns.

Shelter Scotland is fighting injustice, and righting housing wrongs – and we’re achieving real, positive changes that will benefit generations to come.

We’re enterprising

Shelter Scotland strives to get the most out of every penny it spends. We’re proud to join forces with like-minded organisations, to share our ideas, and develop creative ways of tackling housing need.

The housing crisis is changing, and we must change with it. Shelter Scotland services identify and respond to demand, targeting support to those who need it in the most effective way.

Our core activity

Delivering advice services

During 2016/17, we gave advice and support to more than 21,000 people, and we had more than 820,000 visits to our Get Advice web pages.

Many of the people we help are homeless or at immediate risk of losing their home. Many more approach us with a multitude of housing-related needs, such as dealing with unscrupulous landlords, getting repairs made to run-down properties, or coping with neighbourhood strife.

People also come to Shelter Scotland because of other problems that affect their housing situation. We advise on coping with debt, claiming welfare benefit, and accessing appropriate care.

Influencing change

Shelter Scotland understands that helping individuals with immediate problems is not a long-term solution to the housing crisis. We lobby for improved rights of access to housing, and for more affordable housing.

We also campaign to raise awareness of housing issues – such as the impact of poor housing on children – so that we can influence government policy and legislation.

We can prove that lobbying and campaigning results in real, lasting change that benefits many thousands of people.

Virtuous circle

Shelter Scotland’s services and campaigns are mutually beneficial. Our services deliver tangible proof of the positive impact of our projects and advice provision. We use this evidence to give Shelter Scotland an authoritative voice in the housing debate, influencing policy, practice and wider government-funded services.

It’s a virtuous circle: our services inform our ability to deliver effective, targeted campaigns, while making an immediate, positive difference to the lives of individuals.

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