This is a Housing SOS

Tell the First Minister we are living in a housing emergency, and we need him to declare it.

We've had enough

Social housing has gone, leaving homes too expensive to pay for or too cramped for our needs. We’re competing for the same few properties or being moved miles away from home. Homes are being built but they aren’t affordable for everyone.

Tenants, owners, students, and citizens - we are in this housing emergency together.

We’ve had enough. Enough of living in ‘crappy’ housing. Enough of hearing horror stories from our family and friends. Enough of developers and landlords laughing all the way to the bank while we struggle to pay sky-high rents and spend years waiting for a social home.

Politicians want us to just accept this. But how can we accept 45 children becoming homeless every day?

We do not accept it. Fed-up renters. Sofa surfers. Taxpayers. Families without a home. All of us. Together we’re sending out a Housing SOS far and wide, so our leaders can’t ignore it.

After almost a decade of failure by previous governments to solve the housing emergency, our First Minister Humza Yousaf has a choice: choose more failure or choose our futures.

Sign the open letter

It doesn't have to be like this

It's time our government addresses the broken and biased housing system that traps us all, from families unable to find a home big enough, to fed-up renters settling for unfit conditions.

It’s time to acknowledge that people at the sharp end of the emergency pay the highest price for the broken system, with minoritised ethnic groups and people with disabilities more likely to be homeless.

The promises so far have not gone far enough. It’s time to demand our country declares a housing emergency. Time to tell our First Minister that his legacy depends on this. Just as the climate movement demanded and won a climate emergency declaration, we can win too.

Humza Yousaf must show he understands the scale of the problem by declaring a housing emergency and showing he’s serious about getting us all out of this mess. Sign the open letter telling him that we are living in a housing emergency, and he needs to declare it.

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