Leave a gift in your will

Give people change, with a gift in your will

Rough sleeping. Unsafe housing. Unaffordable rents. These are big problems, and solving them will take more than small change.

Together, we need to say enough is enough. We need real change – the kind of change that lasts a lifetime. You can give people that with a gift in your will to Shelter Scotland, and become part of something huge.

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Paddy knows we need real change

After years living on the street, it took months for Paddy to accept help from us. But now, things are so different. He’s got a flat, a girlfriend, and two little ones at home.  

A gift to us in your will means we can be there to transform lives like Paddy’s. But we need bigger change. 

We need the government to take the action that will help to define a new era. We have the expertise to show it what needs to be done. With your help, we’ll have the power to demand it makes the big changes that can end to the housing emergency.  

 If you want to help make big change happen, please leave a gift to us in your will. 

Paddy looking off camera with a blurry shot of shops behind him

It’s time to say enough

We need big change to solve Scotland’s housing emergency. By leaving a gift to us in your will, you can be part of it.

No matter how big or small, leaving a gift in your will can help us give struggling families the support they need, and give us the strength to define a new era. One where everyone can escape homelessness.

Our vision for change

Here's what your gift could help us do...


To bring about 37,100 more social homes across Scotland

In the future – thanks in part to your gift – we could bring about a historic renewal of social housing. And we could end the housing emergency in Scotland for good.


To support those in need

Your gift could help us answer when people call for help with issues from debt management to fighting unfair evictions.


To create a movement

Your gift could help create a movement that defines a new era – one in which everyone has a place to call home.

A gift in your will could help millions have a place to call home.

Get your free will

I decided to leave a gift to Shelter Scotland in my will, because I want to give people real change. If you’re sick of seeing the housing emergency only get worse, will you join me?

Frank, Shelter Scotland Supporter 

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Get in touch

If you have any questions, please contact our Legacy Adviser Kate McGrath on 0344 515 2062 or email legacies@shelter.org.uk.

We’re here for everyone, but only with your support