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Useful links for crofters

This page lists useful websites containing further information for crofters or people interested in becoming crofters.

Crofters Commission

The Crofters Commission is a government department responsible for sustaining, developing and regulating crofting and promoting the interests of crofters. Information leaflets, application forms and guidance notes can all be downloaded from their website.

Crofting Law Group

The Crofting Law Group aims to promote the knowledge and understanding of crofting law. Their website has contact details for solicitors and surveyors who specialise in crofting law and are members of the Group.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) supports the development of individuals, businesses and community groups. The HIE website offers business finance, community and skills advice, career information and job vacancies.

Scottish Agricultural College

The SAC offers a range of courses and learning opportunities for new entrants to crofting and anyone interested in learning more about farming and agriculture.

Scottish Crofting Federation

Established and run by crofters, the SCF is a charitable company and the only non-government organisation representing crofting.

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government website includes information on crofting legislation and financial support for crofters.

Scottish Land Court

The Scottish Land Court has authority to resolve a range of disputes, including disputes between landlords and tenants, in agriculture and crofting. The Land Court website offers application forms to download and guidance on how to apply.

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