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Contacting your MSP, MP or councillor about a housing problem

If you cannot fix a housing problem yourself, you can contact your elected representatives. Your local councillor, MSP or MP could help you fix the problem or raise awareness of the issue.

Who to contact

Your elected representatives are:

  • councillors, who represent you at your local council

  • MSPs (Members of Scottish Parliament), who represent you at Holyrood

  • MPs (Members of Parliament), who represent you at Westminster

Who you should contact depends on what your problem is. For housing problems, it's usually best to contact a councillor or MSP.

Use the WriteToThem website to:

Only contact your local representatives. Those who represent other areas will not be able to help you.

Before you contact an MSP, MP or councillor

Making a written complaint could fix your problem. Follow our guidance on complaining to:

Keep evidence of any steps you've taken to solve the problem.

You could also try joining a residents' association for support, especially if the problem is affecting other people in your area.

What they can do to help

Depending on the problem, your councillor, MSP or MP could:

  • contact your landlord or another organisation and ask them to fix the problem

  • tell you about services in your area that can help

  • raise awareness of the issue in the council or in government

  • influence changes to a policy or process that's causing the problem

How to contact an MSP, MP or councillor

Write an email

You can find your local representatives and send them an email on WriteToThem.

In your email, include:

  • your name and address

  • details of the problem and how it's affecting you

  • any steps you've already taken to fix the problem

  • what you want them to do

Visit their office

Councillors, MSPs and MPs usually have drop in times where you can speak to them in person. This is sometimes called a surgery.

Contact their constituency office to find out about drop in times:

If you need more advice

You can get advice and support to solve housing problems from:

Last updated: 5 April 2023

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

This content applies to Scotland only.

Get advice if you're in England