Eviction if you have a short assured tenancy

If you rent from a private landlord and have a short assured tenancy, you can only be evicted if your landlord follows the correct procedures.

This section explains the process that landlords must follow before ending a short assured tenancy. The procedure is different if they want to evict you during your tenancy, or at the end of your tenancy.

Eviction before the end of your fixed term

If your landlord wants to evict you before the end of your short assured tenancy, they will have to provide a reason. This is also known as a 'ground'. Check what these reasons can be.

Eviction at the end of your fixed term

Short assured tenants can be evicted on the tenancy end date without any reason being given. Find out what private landlords must do before you can be evicted.

Last updated: 13 May 2021

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