Letter template: ask for unlawful fees to be refunded

Copy and paste this sample text and personalise it with your details.

Attach any proof you have of paying the fee to your email, or send a copy in your letter.

Subject: Refund unlawful fees for <address>

To <landlord’s or letting agent’s name>

I’m writing to ask you to return the £<amount paid> I was charged in relation to renting <address>. Attached is <a receipt/bank statement/proof of acknowledging receiving the fee>.

Under the Rent (Scotland) Act 1984 it's unlawful for landlords or letting agents to charge a premium for the granting or renewal of a tenancy. Premium is defined as any fine, sum or consideration, other than the rent, and includes any service or administration fee or charge.

As the fee is not for rent or a refundable deposit it is unlawful in terms of the 1984 Act.

Please return this fee within 7 days. If the unlawful fee is not returned within that time I will consider taking legal action to recover the money.

Thank you,

<your name>
<your number>
<the date>

You can also send the letter as an email attachment or through the post:

Where to send your letter or email

If you rent from a private landlord, their contact details should be in your tenancy agreement or on the Scottish landlord register.

You can ask a letting agency for an email address, check their website, or search the Scottish register of letting agencies.

If you need more help

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Last updated: 6 January 2023

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