Repairs and maintenance in common areas

Common areas are the joint responsibility of all property owners. If you’re a tenant, report any issues to your landlord because they’re responsible for maintaining communal areas.

Maintaining common areas

If you own your home you are responsible for common areas. Work with your neighbours to do maintenance and pay for it.

Responsibility for repairs in common areas

How to check what repairs you’re responsible for and make joint decisions with your neighbours.

Paying for repairs in common areas

Make joint decisions with your neighbours about paying for repairs. Decide what to do when someone will not pay their share.

Tenement management scheme

A tenement management scheme helps neighbours in a block of flats to make decisions together. Use this when your title deeds are not clear on who is responsible.

Building insurance for common areas

Decide when to take out a joint insurance policy with other property owners. Your title deeds may require you to do this.

Getting a landlord to help repair common areas

How to work with an uncooperative landlord or other property owners who will not do maintenance or repairs.

Property factors and managers

You can hire a property factor to maintain and repair your common areas. Check what their responsibilities are and what to do when problems arise.

Last updated: 24 January 2022

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