Repossession of your home and how to stop it

If you do not keep up with your mortgage or secured loan repayments, your lender can sell your home to get back the money you owe them.

You have rights if your home is being repossessed and you could negotiate with your lender to stop it from happening.

If your home is being repossessed

The repossession process your mortgage lender must follow.

Going to court if your home is being repossessed

What happens at court and the decisions the court can make.

How to stop repossession of your home

Things to do if you cannot pay your mortgage or secured loans.

After your home is repossessed

Finding a place to live after repossession and what happens to your debt.

What happens if you’re in arrears on secured loans and second mortgages

The repossession process if you owe money on a secured loan against your home.

Mortgage arrears, secured loans and bankruptcy

The circumstances when your home could be repossessed.

Your rights as a partner or tenant if your home is repossessed

What you can do if your private landlord or partner hasn't paid the mortgage of the home you live in.

Eviction once your home has been repossessed

What must happen before you’re evicted and how evictions are carried out.

Last updated: 3 February 2022

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

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