Shelter Scotland responds to latest homelessness figures

Posted 01 Feb 2022

The latest homelessness statistics published by the Scottish Government are a sharp reminder of the scale of the housing emergency according to Shelter Scotland. The charity argues that rapid and significant investment in social housing is an essential part of the fight against homelessness.  

In the six months from April to September 2021, 14,161 households lost their homes, an increase of 4% compared to the same period in 2020. Nearly 4,000 of those households included children. 

The figures also show that at the end of September last year there were 13,191 households stuck in temporary accommodation, including 7,510 children.  

Shelter Scotland has previously welcomed Scottish Government investment plans for social housing but has warned that even greater ambition will be required to end homelessness in Scotland. 

Director of Shelter Scotland, Alison Watson, said: 

“These figures are a sharp reminder that communities across Scotland are suffering in the grip of a housing emergency brought about by decades of underinvestment in social housing. 

“Home is everything and it is a national disgrace that thousands of households, and more than 7,500 children, are stuck in temporary accommodation. Everyone has a right to a permanent home and temporary accommodation can never be an adequate substitute.  

“Increasing the supply of social housing will tackle the root causes of homelessness, ensure nobody needs to be trapped in temporary accommodation and is vital in alleviating poverty.  

“The Scottish Government’s investment plans for social housing are positive, but we can and must go further. Shelter Scotland and our supporters will continue to make the case for greater ambition and a faster pace of change. The thousands struggling without a safe, secure, affordable home can’t wait any longer.”