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Housing Benefit: withdrawing entitlement from 18-21 year olds

Published: 3 March 2017

Housing Benefit: withdrawing entitlement from 18-21 year olds

Commenting on the new regulations on the housing element of Universal Credit which exclude many 18-21 year olds from getting housing benefit with only minor exemptions, Adam Lang, Head of Communications and Policy at Shelter Scotland, said:

“We’re deeply concerned by the UK government’s plans to exclude 18-21 year-olds from receiving housing benefit at a time when rough-sleeping is on the rise and homelessness is far from fixed in Scotland.

“Not all young people have the option of living with their parents and for those in desperate or difficult situations facing homelessness, housing benefit is a vital lifeline that helps put a roof over their heads and provide them with stability and security.

“Removing the safety net that protects some young people from having to choose a life on the streets is a disgrace and an attack on some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

“If we don’t want to see more 18-21 year olds at risk of homelessness or forced to sleep rough, then the UK government should abandon these unfair and dangerous cuts.”

Adam Lang added:

“We are aware that the Scottish Government has been working to find a way to effectively mitigate the impact of these changes in Scotland and we hope that Ministers in Whitehall and St Andrew's House can come together and find a way to make this happen as quickly as possible.

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