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Damning statistics show big increase in homeless children

Published: 17 January 2017

Damning statistics show big increase in homeless children

Today the Scottish Government revealed a 17% increase in children in temporary accommodation.

Commenting on the figures, Adam Lang, our Head of Communications and Policy, said:

“Today’s figures back up our concerns voiced last year that the decrease in homelessness numbers seen in recent times is slowing and may have plateaued. This is a cause for great concern and highlights the urgent need for the Scottish Government to commit to a new national homelessness strategy.

“It is deeply worrying that there are 826 more children without a permanent home in Scotland than the same time last year – a third consecutive rise. This is simply not good enough in 21st Century Scotland and shows that homelessness is far from fixed.

“To ensure no child spends longer than necessary in temporary accommodation, we need to deliver both a major step change in affordable housing supply, at least 12,000 affordable homes each year of this parliament, as well as a renewed local and national commitment to tackling the root causes of homelessness in Scotland.”

Adam Lang added:

“The good work carried out in reducing homelessness in Scotland since devolution can only continue by ensuring that homelessness services across Scotland are properly funded and high standards are maintained to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

“While we recognise the significant financial pressures on local authorities, we would nevertheless call on them to protect and prioritise the funding of vital homelessness service provisions.”

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