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Shelter Scotland welcomes increase in benefit for private renters

Published: 23 March 2020

Shelter Scotland welcomes increase in benefit for private renters

Commenting on the Chancellor’s decision

To increase local housing allowance, a form of housing benefit, to enable claimants to afford at least 30% of properties in the rental market in each local area:

Alison Watson, Deputy Director, Shelter Scotland said:

“We have been calling for this change for years and it couldn’t be more welcome right now.

“This reverses a decision to freeze the rate of local housing allowance brought in during 2016 which has led to an increase in people faced with a shortfall and having to scrimp on other essentials to pay their rent.

“The increase is for 12 months and we hope it will be kept in place so that homelessness is prevented and more people have the comfort of knowing their home is not at risk.

“We also urgently need to see the benefit cap lifted and the five week wait for Universal Credit abolished.

“Social security is for everyone in times of need whether that is when individuals are in crisis or all of us. It must always be paid at a level that ensures people’s right to a home is respected and their other needs are met.”

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