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    Harassment and unlawful eviction

    This section looks at the law covering harassment and unlawful eviction and the remedies that are available. It also covers harassment by someone other than the landlord, and antisocial behaviour.

    What is harassment and unlawful eviction?

    This section looks at the legal definition of harassment and unlawful eviction in Scotland. It explains what acts constitute an offence. 

    Remedies for harassment and unlawful eviction

    This section looks at the remedies that residential occupiers have if they are harassed or unlawfully evicted by their landlord or their landlord's agents. 

    Harassment by other people

    This section explains what those suffering harassment from people other than their landlords can do. 

    Antisocial behaviour

    This section looks at the various orders that are available to deal with antisocial behaviour. It considers antisocial behaviour orders (ASBOs) and the closure of premises. 

    This content applies to Scotland

    Last updated: 27 January 2020