Qualified persons with extended right to reside

This section explains the categories of EEA nationals who could be classed as qualified persons. This information may still be useful post-Brexit to help establish if a person was (or is) exercising treaty rights.

EEA Workers

Definition of the term 'worker' and the circumstances when worker status is retained if the person ceases to work.

Self employed persons

The meaning of 'self-employed' for the purposes of the right to reside.

Retired or incapacitated workers

An outline of the right to reside of retired or permanently incapacitated workers and self-employed people and their family members. Also, the position of EEA nationals living in the UK who have ceased work or self-employment in the UK, but are working/self-employed in another EEA state.

Family members of EEA workers and self employed

An overview of the rights of family members of workers and self-employed people.

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 19 January 2021