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Disability adaptations

This section looks at the rights of people with disabilities. It explains the duties landlords to make reasonable adjustments to a property where deemed necessary for the tenant/s to enjoy the home they are renting, along with rights of disabled people in all tenures to request adaptations to common parts.

Auxiliary aids

Any tenant with a disability has the right to ask his/her landlord to install auxiliary aids, although this does not extend to removing or installing a physical feature. 

Private tenants

This section looks at those private tenants who have the right to adapt. 

Scottish secure tenants

A Scottish secure tenant has the right to decorate her/his property without the landlord's consent. However if the tenant wishes to carry out work on the property, written consent must first be obtained from the landlord. 

Adaptations to common parts

This section explains the rights of disabled people to make adaptations to communal parts of a property. 

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 24 February 2020