Community Justice (Scotland) Bill – Stage I Evidence

By: Shelter Scotland
Published: August 2015

Community Justice Bill - Stage 1 Evidence

We welcome the opportunity to give evidence on this important Bill to reform the structure of community justice in Scotland. Shelter Scotland has worked in prisons and with prison leavers since 1999 to prevent homelessness amongst this group. In that time we have helped hundreds of (ex-) offenders to maintain or secure housing, and therefore to reduce their likelihood of reoffending.

A new section should be written into the Bill that lists areas of outcomes that the national strategy is required to contain, including addressing housing need and other foundational factors that underpin successful rehabilitation

The definition of "support" and "general services" need to be broader to reflect the full breadth of services that are necessary to support desistance

If the new model is to be truly collaborative there needs to be a 'duty to engage' with voluntary sector partners and housing associations by Criminal Justice Partners to ensure successful partnership working at all stages