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Policy work forms a major part of Shelter Scotland's efforts to address and find solutions for homelessness and housing issues.

In this section you can browse through the briefings and policy documents that Shelter Scotland sends out to the Scottish Government, local authorities and other policy-forming groups and committees.

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Latest documents:

  • Shelter Impact Report 2018-2019
    Applicable to: Scotland, Published: January 2020

  • Shelter Scotland's response to Edinburgh Poverty Commission's call for evidence: 'Places'
    Applicable to: Scotland, Published: December 2019
    Shelter Scotland welcomes the opportunity to respond to the third and final phase of the Edinburgh Poverty Commission. This response sets out Shelter Scotland's views on poverty and wellbeing in Edinburgh, and how issues such as housing supply, affordability, homelessness and temporary accommodation contribute to poverty, and how we can tackle these issues.

  • SNAP 2: Proposal for Scotland’s second National Action Plan for Human Rights consultation
    Applicable to: Scotland, Published: December 2019
    This document consists of Shelter Scotland's response to the proposed draft document of Scotland's second National Action Plan for Human Rights.

  • Are you with us campaign update December 2019
    Applicable to: Scotland, Published: December 2019
    This briefing for politicians summarises what we have achieved so far with the Are You With Us? campaign, including what support we have secured to strengthen the human right to housing in Scotland from across the political spectrum, from the public, and from organisations.

  • Behind the Statistics 2018-19
    Applicable to: Scotland, Published: November 2019
    This is the 2018-19 edition of our annual statistical publication, looking at the Scottish Government's official homelessness statistics and linking them to the experiences of Shelter Scotland service users and our campaigning priorities.

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