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Coronavirus: Supporting people with no recourse to public funds or housing

By: Shelter Scotland  Published: March 2020

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Shelter Scotland are calling on councils to lift rules that prevent everyone from accessing life-saving support and accommodation - regardless of their immigration status.  


During this global public health emergency, it is vital that we remove any barriers currently in place for people who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF) and enable them to access housing. The social distancing, self-isolation, and material support inherent to any socially effective and therefore public health response must apply to everyone in our communities. 

  • We are calling on Scottish Government and all local authorities to remove the barriers related to immigration status, so that everyone can access safe and suitable accommodation, funding and essential services during this health emergency. 
  • We are calling on Scottish Government to expand exemptions within Social Work legislation which allows Local Authorities to provide assistance to people with no recourse to public funds (including accommodation), to ensure all such persons be considered to be ‘vulnerable’ if they are at risk of destitution
  • We are calling on the Home Office to stop all evictions and raids at asylum accommodation and to make sure all asylum seekers receive financial support and have access to required services.