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Evictions by Social Landlord: Statistics Update 2018/19

By: Shelter Scotland  Published: May 2020

This short briefing provides an update of the statistics on evictions by social landlords in Scotland. It predominately uses the recently published Scottish Housing Regulator’s Annual Return of the Charter, as well as data on technical evictions from the Scottish Government


Main findings:


  • There is a continued increase in social sector evictions – while only 1.5 % increase in past year, from 2013/14 there has been a 46.5% increase.
  • The numbers of notices of proceeding issued has continuously increased over the last 5 years by 22%. This suggests that social landlords are still using eviction as a threat when attempting to tackle problems in the tenancy.
  • The majority of evictions in 2018/19 involved LA tenants (59%). LAs are largely responsible for the increase in evictions since 2013/14, with an increase of 72.6%. This can be compared to an increase of 20.5% for RSLs in the same time period.
  • 93% of evictions by social landlords in 2018/19 were carried out because the rent had not been paid, and 6% of evictions were carried out for anti-social behaviour.