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Joint submission from Shelter Scotland, Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland and Scottish Federation of Housing Associations to the Draft Infrastructure Investment Plan

By: Shelter Scotland  Published: November 2020

We are an alliance of Scotland’s leading housing and homeless organisations, coming together with a single voice on what the evidence tells us is required to safeguard an effective affordable housing programme which will reduce housing need in Scotland.


  •    ·  The Scottish Government should set the goal of reducing affordable housing need by building enough social and affordable homes where people need them and of the kind that meet people’s future needs.
  •    ·         To achieve this goal the Scottish Government should commit to a new Affordable Housing Supply Programme to deliver 53,000 affordable homes over the next five years, identified by independent academics as the trigger point at which Scotland can start to reduce affordable housing need, address the backlog of demand and build the foundations to meet housing need in the future.
  •   ·         The Scottish Government should urgently undertake a review of affordable housing subsidy rates to ensure that high quality, accessible homes can continue to be delivered without passing on the costs to existing tenants.