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Shelter Scotland 3-Point Plan Updated Briefing

By: Shelter Scotland  Published: July 2020

An updated briefing note for Shelter Scotland's 3-Point Plan campaign, aimed at ensuring renters are protected, people know their housing rights, and Scotland builds the affordable homes required to meet housing need.


The Scottish Government has however acted decisively and swiftly during the coronavirus pandemic to move those who were sleeping rough into safe accommodation and passed emergency legislation to protect most tenants from eviction for 6 months. This has meant we have seen those who are at the very sharp end of homelessness, who have been living on our streets, protected and supported in hotel accommodation. People who are struggling to pay their rent have been thrown a lifeline, as they try and sort out how they can pay their rent, bills and essential living expenses having suddenly lost their incomes.


However, as these emergency provisions come to an end in October, and the impact of the pandemic will be felt for many months to come, similar decisive action must be taken to ensure we do not step backwards. We do not want a return to the “old normal” putting people’s lives and homes at risk during these very uncertain times.