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Time in temporary accommodation 2018

By: Shelter Scotland  Published: July 2018

This is one of a series of topic briefings relating to housing and homelessness.  This is a statistical briefing looking at the time households in Scotland spent in temporary accommodation in 2017/18.


Key points:

  • New Scottish Government data shows for the first time how long households spend in temporary accommodation. 
  • The statistics conclusively show that thousands of households in Scotland depend on temporary accommodation for extended lengths of time.
  • On average, households spent 171 days (just under 6 months) in temporary accommodation in 2017/18.
  • 13% of households spent more than a year in temporary accommodation.
  • Households with children tended to spend longer in temporary accommodation than households without children (201 days compared to 161 days).
  • New enforceable standards are necessary to ensure that temporary accommodation, where its use is necessary, provides a positive stepping stone into permanent accommodation.