Shelter Scotland response to “Paws Clause” stakeholder consultation

By: Shelter Scotland
Published: September 2018

Shelter Scotland response to “Paws Clause” stakeholder consultation

Key Points

• Shelter Scotland and our service users believe that tenants in the private and social
sectors should be able to own a pet, with the correct protections and responsibilities
in mind.

• Through consultation with our service users, it appears that there is a gap in both the
social and private rented sectors between the demand and supply of accommodation
which welcomes pet-owners.

• We know that pets can be extremely important to people and their wellbeing, yet the
lack of pet-friendly temporary accommodation provision in most of the country
prevents people who are in the homeless system from keeping a pet. This has
directly led to people resorting to rough sleeping to avoid being separated from their

• The private rented sector has grown substantially in Scotland in recent years yet
many private landlords do not allow tenants to keep pets, and some landlords
enforce blanket bans.

“As far as I am concerned having a pet or not having a pet does not make me any less
of a responsible tenant.” (Diane)