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Other Ways to Get Involved

How you can help

Sign up today and we’ll keep you up to date on what we do and how you can help us to help more people.

We want to be there for everyone who needs us. But the truth is, we simply can’t without your help. Support us, and you’ll be making sure no one fights homelessness and bad housing on their own.

And the good news is, there are plenty of ways to do just that.

campaigner on the street

Lend your voice

Get behind our national and local campaigns. Together we’re much louder and stronger – and that makes us better at tackling the causes of bad housing and homelessness.

Find out more about our campaigns

a volunteer helps decorate

Lend a hand

Volunteer at one of the Shelter Scotland services, shops or offices across Scotland – and develop your skills while making a lifechanging difference in your community.

Find out more about volunteering

a family in need


Giving money is a simple and effective way to help families get back on their feet – and stay in the homes they love.


a shop


You can also donate goods to a Shelter Scotland shop. We can turn your unwanteds into precious funds to help even more people.

Find your local shop

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Raise money

From bake sales to bike rides, fundraising is great fun and hugely rewarding. Plus the money you raise means we can keep our vital services running.

Find out more about fundraising

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Take the 50p Challenge

Shelter Scotland turns 50 this year - but we’re not celebrating. We're asking all pupils in Scotland to raise 50p for Shelter Scotland.

Find out more about our 50p challenge

With a household becoming homeless every 18 minutes in Scotland, and more people than ever before coming to us for help last year, we know that much more needs to be done.

We’re here so no-one has to face homelessness or bad housing alone. They need us and we need you, so please do sign up and become one of our amazing housing heroes.

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