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Making the most of our funds

Our expenditure


Money out £46.2 million



We invest in new projects and services when we identify a need, and evidence from our services staff at ground level confirms this. Existing services are funded for as long as there is a demand for them.

Fundraising and publicity

Raising awareness of Shelter Scotland's work and generating new income ensures that our services for people in housing need can continue in the long term. For every £1 it spends on fundraising, Shelter Scotland raises around £4.50.

Campaigns and policy

When large numbers of people seek support and advice at our services with the same housing issue, we build a picture of a wider problem. We then put our resources into campaigns that call for new laws and policies to provide a solution.

Shelter shops

Shelter Scotland shops are a steady source of revenue, and raise awareness of our work across the country.

Management and administration

Shelter Scotland keeps its management and administrative costs as low as possible.