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Mobile homes and housing benefit

This section discusses how mobile homes are treated in relation to housing benefit.

I rent my mobile home - can I claim housing benefit?

Yes. The rent officer at the council will decide what the maximum rent payable for your mobile home is. They should do this by looking at rents for similar properties in your area. They should look at traditional 'bricks and mortar' homes as well as mobile homes, but usually they will just look at other mobile homes.

You may not receive the maximum rent that the rent officer allows for your mobile home. The amount of housing benefit you will be entitled to will also depend on your income. Read more in our section on housing benefit.

I own my mobile home but I pay pitch fees - can I get housing benefit?

Yes. You can get housing benefit towards pitch fees even if you own your mobile home.

What if I still can't afford the rent?

If you get some housing benefit or local housing allowance but are having difficulty paying the rest of your rent yourself, you may be able to get a discretionary housing payment to help make up the difference.

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