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How we can help

We can give you advice, information and help with legal and practical issues. All of our services are free, professional and independent.

What problems can Shelter Scotland help with?

Shelter Scotland has nearly 50 years' experience in dealing with housing problems. We may be able to help if you are:

  • facing eviction
  • struggling with arrears
  • homeless or about to lose your home
  • living in bad conditions
  • having problems with your landlord or mortgage lender
  • having trouble dealing with the council.

Housing problems can be complicated and stressful. But getting advice could help you find a solution. If another organisation would be better able to help you, we can put you in touch with them.

Don't wait until things get to crisis point find out the ways we can help you.

Scotland map Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.
This content applies to Scotland only.
Get advice if you're in England

If you're still looking for help, try searching, or find out how to contact us