Eviction and Rights of Gypsy and Traveller people

This section looks at the rights of Gypsy and Traveller people who have been asked to leave a site.

It explains your rights on council and privately run sites, and on unauthorised sites, and looks at what you can do if the police get involved.

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Eviction by the council

This page looks at what Gypsies/Travellers can do if the council has asked you to leave an authorised or unauthorised site, and when the council has the right to make you move on.

Eviction of Gypsy and Traveller people on private land

Your rights as a gypsy or traveller depend on what kind of private site you stay on. You might be on a protected or unprotected site, or have no permission to stay and be vulnerable to eviction at any time.

Eviction from your own land

Even if you own the land you are camped on, you may be evicted if you don't have the right permissions to use it as a site.

Eviction by the police

If you are a Gypsy/Traveller and you're being evicted, the police may try to remove you. What you can do about the eviction and how to avoid it happening.

Last updated: 9 April 2018

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

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