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Letter template: report repairs done badly

If repairs in your rented home have been done badly, left unfinished or caused damage, write to your landlord.

Copy and paste this sample text and personalise it with your details.

Subject: Repairs not done properly at <your address>

To <your landlord's name>

I am writing to report a problem with the repair work that was carried out on <date repairs were done> at <your address>.

When the repairs were carried out <example: the work was not finished / the problem was not fixed / the work caused damage to my belongings>.

I have checked my rights on Shelter Scotland’s website, and you are responsible for making sure repairs are done properly.

I ask that you <example: arrange for the repairs to be completed / redo the work / compensate me for the damage to my belongings>.

Please contact me within 2 working days to confirm how the problem will be resolved.

Thank you,

<your name>
<your phone number>

You can also send the letter as an email attachment or through the post:

Where to send your letter or email

If you rent from a private landlord, their contact details should be in your tenancy agreement or on the Scottish landlord register.

If you rent from the council or a housing association, check their website or your tenancy agreement for their contact details.

If you need more help

Check our advice on:

Last updated: 30 July 2023

Housing laws differ between Scotland and England.

This content applies to Scotland only.

Get advice if you're in England