Taking legal action against your landlord for repairs

You can take your landlord to court or tribunal if they have not done the repair work they’re responsible for. There are alternatives to legal action which could resolve issues faster.

Before taking legal action against your landlord about repair work

Things to consider before you take legal action. Legal action should be your last resort.

Going to the tribunal if your private landlord will not do repairs

How to apply to the tribunal to get repairs done if you rent from a private landlord or letting agent.

Going to court if your landlord will not do repairs

Forcing your landlord to do repairs by taking them to the sheriff court.

Going to court if repair issues are affecting your health

Taking legal action to force your landlord to fix repair issues that are damaging your health.

Claiming compensation if your landlord will not do repair work

Using a solicitor to claim compensation from your landlord if they will not fix repairs.

Last updated: 19 January 2022

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