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    Benefit rates

    This section provides links and information to help your client work out what benefit entitlement they may have.

    This content applies to Scotland

    Helping clients with benefit entitlement

    Before calculating benefits, it's helpful to gather up the following information:

    • Details of all your client's income. This will include benefits, tax credits, earnings from employment, State Retirement Pension and occupational pensions

    • Check whether the client is married, in a civil partnership or living with someone as a couple - you will need details of the partner’s income as well. Benefit entitlement will be assessed as a couple

    • Details of how much money the client has in savings, investments and other capital

    • How much the annual Council Tax bill is and whether your client already gets any discounts, reductions or exemptions

    • Details of your client's rent or mortgage payments

    • Information about anyone else living with your client, such as grown-up children. Are they in employment or on benefits? What is their income?

    • Whether anyone receives Carer's Allowance for looking after your client or anyone else in their household.

    Online benefit calculator

    To calculate a client's benefit entitlement advisers can use Turn2Us online benefit calculator.  

    Find the rate for a specific benefit

    If you need the rate for a specific benefit Rightsnet list the rates for all benefits (this includes Scotland specific benefits)

    Last updated: 16 March 2021