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Private landlord registration

Owners of private rented accommodation in Scotland must register with their local authority. They will only be permitted to register if their local authority is satisfied that they are fit and proper persons to let property.

The registration scheme

The majority of private landlords letting residential property in Scotland are required to register with their local authority. This page describes how the scheme works. 

Affected landlords

Although the majority of private landlords are required to register with their local authority, there are a number of exceptions. 

Failure to register

There are several measures that can be employed by a local authority if an owner lets property or enters into communication about letting property without being registered. 

Removal from the register

If a local authority decides that a registered landlord or letting agent is no longer fit and proper to let property, it may remove her/him from the register. 

Effect of registration scheme on tenants

Tenants will generally only be affected by the landlord registration scheme if their landlord fails to register or is removed from the register. 

Accessing the register

Before entering into a tenancy agreement, the prospective tenant should check that her/his landlord is registered with the local authority. 

This content applies to Scotland

Last updated: 29 December 2014