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We believe that home is everything, yet 1.5 million people in Scotland are living in unsafe or unsuitable homes. This is a housing emergency. Help fight for housing justice.

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Thanks to your action, city leaders have pledged to build social housing. A huge win!

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More than 19,500 of you signed our Build Scotland’s Future petition calling for 37,100 social homes to be built in the next five years. This collective outcry to build the social homes that Scotland needs has been heard. The Scottish Government has now pledged to build 38,500 social homes over the next five years.

Scotland has long been in the grip of a housing emergency leading to widening housing inequality and an assault on the fundamental human right to a safe home.

This pledge to build more social homes is just the beginning. We'll continue to keep the pressure on with you by our side. We need to see details of how the government will accelerate the building programme in the next five years and support renters during our recovery from the pandemic.