Linda's Story

Linda became homeless when she was diagnosed with ill-health at the same time as her marriage broke down. It took almost three years and the support of Shelter Scotland to finally get her and her children into a new permanent home.

I was terrified when I became homeless. I use a wheelchair and crutches, I was given a second floor flat in a tenement for 10 months.

I was housebound straight away. I lost everything. When I say that it sounds very dramatic but what I mean is I lost being able to see my friends or family unless they visited. I felt I could liken it to a prison sentence at points. I had lost my independence.

After multiple moves, Shelter Scotland Law Service took up Linda’s case and negotiated out of court for a transfer to a permanent home in a ground floor flat.

Now settled in her new home Linda said:

There’s a big difference. You can lay down roots again. You can be part of a community. You can get involved.