Our successes

Our successes are your successes. From emailing the Housing Minister, to signing petitions and taking actions online, all the changes we've been able to make for people facing homelessness or poor housing are because of you.

Our successes

Our successes are your successes. From emailing the Housing Minister, to signing petitions and taking actions online, all the changes we've been able to make for people facing homelessness or poor housing are because of you.

We've been campaigning for the past 50 years in Scotland to help achieve our vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone. We've worked with partners, the public and elected members across the country to influence change.

It sometimes meant putting pressure on local practices or changing national legislation, at other times we've shone a spotlight on an unfair policy or campaigned for more homes to be built. On this page you can find out how our campaigns have changed lives, thanks to you.

You can see more photos of our campaigns on our Flickr page

A huge campaign success

Every Council has a legal duty to find housing for every homeless person. But on 3,365 occasions in 2019, Glasgow City Council failed to do this. Denying homeless people the right to temporary housing when they need it most is wrong. It’s shocking. And it’s breaking the law.

We decided that we wouldn't stand for it.

Our legal challenge began in August 2019, after official statistics were published showing the number of occasions that Glasgow City Council had breached its legal duty to provide adequate temporary accommodation was continuing to increase year on year. This was despite the council being four years into a five-year improvement plan agreed with the Scottish Housing Regulator.

Over 10,000 people signed our petition asking the regulator to take action, and we were ready to go to court to fight for justice.

But in January 2020 we declared a major victory in our ongoing campaign against Glasgow City Council after the announcement of a historic intervention by the Scottish Housing Regulator. The regulator will now launch an inquiry into Glasgow City Council's actions.

We'll be sharing our evidence of the council’s ongoing failures with the regulator - thanks to you, we're a step closer to every homeless person being granted their legal right to temporary housing.

The People v. Glasgow City Council campaign banner

Shelter campaigner at front door with petition

Homelessness: far from fixed

In September 2016, we launched a national campaign in Glasgow. We called it Homelessness: Far From Fixed. We aimed to put homelessness firmly on the political agenda, to educate and raise awareness of the issue, and we called on the Scottish Government to develop a National Homelessness Strategy.

In the 2017/18 Programme for Government, much of what we’d called for over the last 12 months was addressed. Nicola Sturgeon announced that the Scottish Government would:

  • set a clear national objective to eradicate rough sleeping

  • establish a homelessness and rough sleeping action group to lead
    change in this area

  • create an ‘Ending Homelessness Together’ Fund of £50 million over a
    five-year period

  • invest an additional £20 million in alcohol and drug services

A few years down the line, there's still work to be done - but together, we put the issue of homelessness and poor housing firmly back on the national agenda.


50th birthday campaign

To mark our 50th year, Shelter Scotland and The Glasgow School of Art created a unique partnership.

Young designers Sophie Rowan and Emily Wang created a special 50th anniversary logo, which was used to brand a 12-month series of events and activities, including an exhibition that told the story of the work Shelter Scotland does, the people we support and the impact of the current housing crisis.

See the exhibition photos and read the stories we helped to tell during our 50th birthday campaign.

Primary school children campaigning for Shelter Scotland

Illegal evictions: know your rights

We campaigned with Police Scotland, Crimestoppers Scotland and Scottish Association of Landlords campaigned in 2014 and 2015, to raise awareness about illegal evictions in the private rented sector.

We visited cities across Scotland to talk to tenants and landlords, to make sure they knew that illegally evicting a tenant without a court order is a criminal offence and that illegal eviction should be reported to the police.

Whether it was landlords changing the locks to keep the tenant out of the property, or cutting off water, gas or electricity supplies to try to force them out, our message was clear: this is illegal and it's unacceptable.

Illegal evictions campaign launch

Manifesto for homes

Shelter Scotland launched our very successful Manifesto for Homes campaign ahead of the 2016 Holyrood elections.

We managed to push housing further up the agenda for all parties in Scotland.

We were delighted that all major parties in Scotland included housing in their manifestos and committed to increased affordable house building targets.


Make renting right

In this 2016 campaign, we aimed to create a safer, more secure and more flexible private rental sector. We called for:

  1. Stability for people wanting to make rented housing their home.

  2. Flexibility for people to stay in their home as long as they need.

  3. A modern tenancy that gives security and flexibility for tenants AND landlords.

  4. A fair system for sorting out renting problems when they occur.

  5. Predictable rents for tenants and landlords.

And we did it! The new Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament and legislation introduced that gave private renters a more secure home.


Age factor

In April 2014 Shelter Scotland launched a campaign opposing a part of the proposed Housing (Scotland) Bill that would have allowed all social landlords to take the age of an applicant into account when allocating homes.  We thought this was potentially discriminatory and wrong, so we campaigned to get it removed from the draft Bill.

With the help of our supporters, more than 450 people signed up to the campaign in just four weeks and emailed the Housing Minister to raise concerns about this proposal.

In early May 2014 we were delighted to hear that the Housing Minister had listened to our concerns, and this section of the Housing Bill was removed. 

Serious adults with laughing baby

Banish the Bedroom Tax Monster

The 'Bedroom Tax' created a monster for 82,000 households in Scotland.

People living in social housing faced increased hardship and the possibility of losing their home - just for having an ‘extra’ bedroom. The Bedroom Tax Monster brought sleepless nights, and days filled with worry. 

Our campaign called on the UK Government, the Scottish Government and local councillors - as well as landlords and tenants - to send him packing.

With your support, we asked the Scottish Government to help local authorities top up their discretionary housing payments funds - meaning that tenants could apply for extra funds to cover the money they lost through the bedroom tax. And your lobbying brought results: the Scottish Government put an extra £20 million into local councils to make this possible.


We’re here for everyone, but only with your support