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Last year, Rhys spent winter sleeping rough in the freezing cold.

Rhys grew up with his grandma. He remembers their home as warm and welcoming.

But when his grandma passed away, Rhys was left with nowhere to go. He managed to get a place in temporary housing, but without the permanent address he needed to get a job, the costs became too much. With no family or friends to call on for help, Rhys had no choice left but to live on the streets.

Life was tough and when the freezing winter hit, it was unbearable. Rhys would often walk around until he physically couldn’t go any further, just to avoid sleeping on the ground. He knew that other homeless people were dying from the cold and was terrified he would lose his life too.

With your help, more people like Rhys can rebuild their lives

After almost two years of sleeping rough, Rhys felt like there was no way out. But then a drop-in centre suggested that he contact our helpline, and his life began to change for the better.

Thanks to Shelter Scotland supporters like you, we were able to help Rhys find a safe, warm flat. His caseworker has also helped him build up his CV so he can start looking for jobs. After such dark times, Rhys is beginning to feel like himself again.

This winter, thousands of people like Rhys urgently need our support. Please donate to Shelter Scotland now and help us get them back to a good place.

The winters are the worst. People don’t wake up in those temperatures, they go to sleep and they die... it’s something I’m still trying to get over.


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